While working on a book proposal for Philip Anselmo’s autobiography at the former Pantera frontman’s horror-filled home, best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell decided to ask a question.

“You wanna start up our own horror film festival?”

“Fuck yeah!” was Philip’s emphatic reply. Thus was born the Housecore Horror Film Festival.

In a house hidden deep in the woods of Louisiana, festooned with more than 10,000 horror films, most of them on VHS and in their original hard-shell cases, walls decorated with 100s of classic and rare horror film posters, these two life-long hardcore horror fanatics decided the time was right to throw the ultimate horror film festival.

HHFF will proudly showcase the new and the old, the bloody and the quiet, the creepy and the funny. Horror films of all shapes, formats, and budgets. It doesn’t matter how much was spent on it, just that it is creative, imaginative, and scary as fuck.

Add to that three nights of the most intense, heaviest music on the planet brought to you by The Kid himself, Philip H. Anselmo. Expect to hear from Philip and many of his world-famous friends.

Finally, HHFF will present a lifestyle experience. From a haunted corridor co-designed by Anselmo, one of the founders of the internationally famous House of Shock, to dozens of celebrity authors, to special guest appearances by acclaimed horror filmmakers and stars, to a Gorelesque routine, to zombie make-overs, and so much more.

It’s time Austin, Texas had a real Halloween tradition to embrace. Why shamble along aimlessly on Sixth Street in a costume while a bunch of drunken frat boys puke on you?

Why not head out to Emo’s instead and party with a couple of thousand like-minded heavy metal horror heads?

We’ll be ready to scare the crap out of you. Will you be able to take it?