Philip, Johnny Edwards, and Rot-ScarLast Sunday, the Housecore™ Horror Film Festival unveiled the 1st Rot-Scars nominees and winners inside Emo’s in front of nearly 1,500 excited fest-goers. Festival co-founder Corey Mitchell declared of the unique setting: “These filmmakers deserve a chance to be treated like rock stars, so what better place to reward them than on stage with the likes of Eyehategod, Philip Anselmo, and Goblin?”

The Rot-Scars, whose unique design are the brainchild of sculptor Johnny Edwards (pictured above with HHFF co-founder Philip Anselmo), were handed out to several winners by awards show hosts Chuck Loesch of Austin’s 101X’s “No Control” radio program and Judas Priestess vocalist Militia Vox. The rowdy duo took over between each act that graced the big stage during the final night of HHFF. They were accompanied by the frightening strains of death metal piano performed by San Antonio’s Goatcraft.

After each winner was announced, those who were present were summoned to the stage in front of an incredible lectern/podium designed specifically for HHFF and the Rot-Scars by Michigan’s Ryanne Clifton and Jerry Dennis. The skeletal-film-reels-encased-in-barbed-wire-and-steel-podium was the perfect emblem for the entire HHFF. Winners were asked to down a shot of a Black Tooth Grin, a creation of the late Dimebag Darrell, and to sing one line from a heavy metal song, oftentimes with hilarious results.

The first annual (?) Rot-Scars were a huge hit as it kept the crowd from getting bored during band set changeovers, gave the audience something exciting to cheer for, and rewarded some amazing new talented filmmakers. The future of horror is in excellent hands and those hands left Texas clutching well-deserved Rot-Scars for their efforts.

Here are the nominees and winners of the 2013 Housecore™ Horror Film Festival Rot-Scars:

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FACE/OFF Contestants Matt Valentine & Michael Faust Join HHFF!!

matt valentine faceoff

michael faust faceoffThe Housecore™ Horror Film Festival is pleased to announce the addition of FACE/OFF contestants and the dastardly duo of delightfully decadent make-up, Matt Valentine and Michael Faust!

Valentine was the runner-up of season two on the SyFy Channel hit television reality show FACE/OFF and Michael proved an affable contestant as well in a later season.

The two brothers are partners in their own creature making company called Global Fear Enterprises located in Austin, Texas.

Matt and Michael will be haunting the corridors of HHFF all weekend long. You can catch them in the Celebrity Autograph Room (CAR), Friday, October 25 at 7:00pm. The CAR is located in the middle of the complex right next to the Emo’s Courtyard.

On Saturday, they will have a display booth set up in the Emo’s Courtyard where they will proudly display their creations from Global Fear.

On Sunday, Michael and Matt will be handing out Rot-scars to the Best SFX and Best Make-up winners from this year’s line-up of amazing horror films.

Come out and say hello to these two amazingly talented brothers!

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So you’ve bought a badge or a wristband for the Housecore™ Horror Film Festival and you want to know when and where you can pick it up?

Just bring your ID and head to one of these registration tables to pick up your HHFF credentials:

Thursday October 24th 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Dirty Dog Bar 505 E 6th St Austin, TX 78701
-Badge/wristband pick-up and Free Fest Kickoff Party featuring Cavalcade, Lord Dying, White Widows Pact, The Black Moriah, BlackQueen, and Goatcraft.

Friday, Oct. 25th – Sunday, Oct. 27th 8:00am – 11:00pm
Emo’s Complex 2015 E. Riverside Dr. Austin, TX 78741
-Pick up your badges and wristbands at the registration table in The Emo’s Courtyard in the corridor between Emo’s and Antone’s.

-Single admission tickets for films and concerts available at the box office of each venue.

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Okay, folks! This is the final round of badges that will go on sale. They’re called the NIGHTSTALKER badges. They allow you access to film screenings and concerts that begin after 5:00pm, as well as the badge pick-up party on October 24.

That means you will have access to all of the biggest concerts at Emo’s including DownPhilip H. Anselmo & the IllegalsGwar,(the) MelvinsEYEHATEGODwhitechapelGOATWHOREIRON REAGANStar & DaggerGoblin, and more.

The NIGHTSTALKER badge also gets you into the closing night event of Goblin live-scoring SUSPIRIA!!!

In addition, you can also go to any of the films that screen after 5:00pm and run until 2:00am each night.

How much for all this wickedness? Only $99!!!

Supplies are limited! Act now!!


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Housecore Horror Film Festival Schedule is Live!

universal Monsters

The #HHFF Schedule is here!! The #HHFF schedule is here!!


Head over to to our Festival Genius page and click on “Schedule,” or “Films” to see what’s what and what’s when.

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LaQuintaWe sold out the Austin City Hotel about two months ago. We posted our second hotel information on Facebook, but a lot of you keep asking for it.

Hotel: La Quinta Inn Airport – 7625 E. Ben White Boulevard / phone: (512) 386-6800

Rates: October 24th and 27th
- 2 Double Beds $103 + tax/room/night
- 1 King Bed $113 + tax/room/night

October 25th and 26th
- 2 Double Beds – $107 + tax/room/night
- 1 King Bed $117 + tax/room/night

Reservation method: Please contact the hotel directly or our Group Desk at 1-800-642-4239 and ask for the special rate for Housecore™ Horror Film Festival at the La Quinta Inn Airport on Ben White Blvd. in Austin, TX.


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HHFF Unveils All 124 Films!!!

Gary Pullin Poster Final Version 9.25 JPEG

Housecore™ Horror Film Festival is proud to announce all 125 of our feature films, documentaries, short films, mid-length films, music videos, trailers, and more!!

We will provide detailed descriptions of all of the films when we release the official schedule on our website later this week.

Congratulations to all of the new, up-and-coming talent that was accepted to HHFF. We are honored to be able to share your work with a rabid audience who loves horror!

~Corey Mitchell
HHFF Director/Lead Programmer

Sponsored by Scion Audio/Visual

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Gary Pullin Poster Final Version 9.25 JPEG

AUSTIN, TX – SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 – The Housecore™ Horror Film Festival (HHFF) is pleased to welcome The Melvins to the stage. The experimental sludge metal icons celebrate 30 years of musical disturbance at HHFF on Saturday, October 26, with an appearance alongside GWAR, Whitechapel, Goatwhore, and Iron Reagan.

HHFF co-founder Philip Anselmo had this to say about the last-minute addition of one of his favorite bands of all-time: “”Sadly, Crowbar will not be able to make the gig. But madly great news is that The mighty Melvins are gonna jam the fucking night away!”

Many people have wondered if Eyehategod would carry on despite the recent tragic and unexpected death of drummer Joey LaCaze, 42, last month of respiratory failure brought on by asthma. Amazingly, Melvins drummer extraordinaire Dale Crover has stepped up to the kit to honor LaCaze’s name and help the EHG legacy reach its 25th anniversary at HHFF.

Said Anselmo about the news that his long-time NOLA mates will still be able to play HHFF: “In the wake of severe tragedy, with Eyehategod drummer Joey LaCaze passing away recently, Melvins drummer Dale Crover will be filling in for an unforgettable alliance with EHG! Dammit, you KNOW you have to see this unique performance! If you don’t have a ticket to the HHFF, get one ASAP to witness this historic event. It’ll be historic on so many levels!”

Eyehategod vocalist Mike IX Williams will also be performing spoken word and signing his book, Cancer as a Social Activity at HHFF and guitarist Jimmy Bower will also appear at HHFF as the drummer with his other band, Down.

HHFF is also excited to welcome New York-based horror doom metallers Blood Farmers. Originally formed in 1989, the band combines the atmosphere of ’70s horror with heavy doses of psychedelia and doom in the tradition of Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus. Now, thanks to the band members’ affiliation with cult film distributor Grindhouse Releasing, Blood Farmers will be making their first-ever appearance in Texas alongside the movies that inspired their creeped-out music…live at the Housecore Horror Film Festival!

For information about tickets please visit http://housecorehorrorfilmfestival.com/attend-hhff/

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HHFF Welcomes Controversial Italian Gore-Mesiter Ruggero Deodato


The Man Who Inspired Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO Comes to Texas!

Deodato Twisted Fears

AUSTIN, TX – SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 – The Housecore™ Horror Film Festival (HHFF) is proud to announce the addition of ultra-controversial Italian cannibal king and horror master Ruggero Deodato.

Deodato, best known as the director of such horror classics as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK, will be on hand all weekend during HHFF to introduce both films and participate in Q&As afterwards. He will also join filmmakers José Morica Marins (AKA Coffin Joe) and Ryan Nicholson, composers Maurizio Guarini (Goblin), Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails), and Scott Mitchell (AKA Daisy Berkowitz of Marilyn Manson), actress and producer Manda Manuel, and producer/story creator David Bond, on the red carpet for the U.S. premiere of the highly anticipated horror anthology THE PROFANE EXHIBIT.

Deodato is often recognized as the creator of the “found footage” genre of horror films with his then-innovative use of having his actors carry cameras while they traipsed around in the jungles of the Amazon for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. The mega-hit THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT is often cited for liberally borrowing from Deodato’s masterpiece.

Deodato’s career has also been rife with controversy. After the release of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, he was brought before a court on murder charges because prosecutors believed he had made a snuff film. He has also been the target of several animal rights groups who were appalled by his use of animal slaughter in the film.

Deodato’s work has had a profound impact on modern day horror with the likes of Eli Roth citing him as a major influence. Roth included Deodato in the role of a cannibal in his film, HOSTEL II (2007), and gives an overt nod to the legend with his first return to the director’s chair in this year’s THE GREEN INFERNO.

Deodato’s work has also had a direct influence on HHFF co-founder Philip Anselmo who recorded a song entitled “Cannibal Holocaust,” from the EP of the same name, for underground horror metal heads Necrophagia.

Ruggero Deodato joins the Unholy Triumvirate of Special Guest Directors Jörg Buttgereit (NEKROMANTIK, NEKROMANTIK 2), José Morica Marins, aka Coffin Joe (AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL, THIS NIGHT I’LL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE), and Jim VanBebber (THE MANSON FAMILY, DEADBEAT AT DAWN), together all at once at HHFF. It will be the ultimate tribute to the true masters of the macabre underground.

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Housecore Horror Unveils Next 15 Film Titles!!

Found Bloody Mask***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***


Four World Premieres, Two Fuckin’ Remake, Complete Heavy Metal Hysteria, and UFOs Unleashed

AUSTIN, TX – SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 – Having already knocked the ball out of the park with the announcement of live scores from Goblin and Attila Csihar of Mayhem; inviting underground horror directing legends Jim VanBebber, Jorg Buttgereit, and Jose Mojica Marins AKA Coffin Joe; debuting the North American Premiere of THE PROFANE EXHIBIT, the most highly anticipated horror anthology film since TRILOGY OF TERROR; and screening the greatest slate of grindhouse flicks ever on 35mm (EVIL DEAD, THE BEYOND, et al.), Philip Anselmo and Corey Mitchell now unveil their latest tricks of cinematic terror.

Housecore™ Horror Film Festival (HHFF) co-founder Mitchell says of the latest batch of films to be announced: “We wanted to stay away from the usual horror and genre film festival selections in our first year. It’s important to separate ourselves from the masses and Philip and I believe we have done exactly that with these highly original, independent horror and heavy metal films.”

HHFF takes place between October 24-27 at various locations including Emo’s, Antone’s, The Buzz Mill, and Dirty Dog. In addition to more than 100 films, shorts, music videos, and trailers, HHFF also has four days of concerts featuring acts such as Down, GWAR, Pig Destroyer, Hate Eternal, Whitechapel, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Goatwhore, Crowbar, and many, many more.

See below for the newest batch of filthy films to be released upon the world by HHFF:


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