Billy Carson – (Co-Founder, Feature Film Programmer, Musical Curator)

Billy makes music, runs Housecore Records, and likes black and white horror films from the ’40s and ’50s.

Ramos Selgia – (Co-Founder, Festival Director, Programming Director)

Ramos writes books about true crime and blogs about horrorand heavy metal. His favorite film of all-time, regardless of genre, is Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer.

Merry Lennon – (Creative Director, Music Wrangler)

As a promoter and owner of Freaktress Productions, Merry has championed metal in the ATX since the turn of the millennium. She writes about rock stars and her work is published in various music rags. She’s been a featured panelist at the Austin Music Foundation’s “Women In Rock & Roll” forum. An obsession with things dark pumps through this broad’s veins making the “Metal Freaktress” a preternatural fit for the HHFF crew.

Alice Finley – (Woman Friday)

Head Sister of the Brotherhood of Eternal Sleep (Down’s touring company), Housecore Records Queen and Chief Engineer, not so closeted bassist, and supreme Ass Kicker.

David – (Hell, Yes! Man)

David is HHFF’s behind the scenes guy.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in horror such as the casts of The Walking Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tony Todd, Bruce Campbell, and George A. Romero. David has also worked on many film productions including Sin City 2Olympus Has Fallen, and Bad Kids Go To Hell. In early 2013, David and his wife, Leslie, launched Right Direction Productions. He loves b-horror films, but hates goddamn dolls.

Ivy Channing – (Hand To The Freaktress)

Michelle has been a horror fanatic and lover of all things Heavy Metal since the early ’80s. This former music writer and horror movie critic for Austin’s Whoopsy! Magazine is interning now for the Music Division of HHFF. Ivy’s a badass that knows all the rock ‘n roll scenesters in Austin. She keeps Merry sane and we like that. We didn’t have to tell her who Bad Ronald is. We like that even more.

Rosie – (Sponsor & Vendor Honchette)

Rosie is an advocate for all things creative. A former director of the Austin Music Foundation, she works with three non-profits serving artists in the Austin area. From Arlington, Texas, she literally grew up in the same ‘hood with the metal masters of Pantera. They showed her the pure possession that a heavy song can bring…she’s never been the same.

Lucy Sawyer– (Volunteer Rustler)

She had us at, “My name is Lucy.” An irresistible attraction to music and films led her to work with a variety of festivals throughout the U.S. such as SXSW, the AFI and Catalina Film Fests, and ROT Rally. Mad skills when it comes to coordinating people, and we won’t even mention what she can do with duct tape!