Housecore Horror Unveils Next 15 Film Titles!!



Four World Premieres, Two Fuckin’ Remake, Complete Heavy Metal Hysteria, and UFOs Unleashed

AUSTIN, TX – SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 – Having already knocked the ball out of the park with the announcement of live scores from Goblin and Attila Csihar of Mayhem; inviting underground horror directing legends Jim VanBebber, Jorg Buttgereit, and Jose Mojica Marins AKA Coffin Joe; debuting the North American Premiere of THE PROFANE EXHIBIT, the most highly anticipated horror anthology film since TRILOGY OF TERROR; and screening the greatest slate of grindhouse flicks ever on 35mm (EVIL DEAD, THE BEYOND, et al.), Philip Anselmo and Corey Mitchell now unveil their latest tricks of cinematic terror.

Housecore™ Horror Film Festival (HHFF) co-founder Mitchell says of the latest batch of films to be announced: “We wanted to stay away from the usual horror and genre film festival selections in our first year. It’s important to separate ourselves from the masses and Philip and I believe we have done exactly that with these highly original, independent horror and heavy metal films.”

HHFF takes place between October 24-27 at various locations including Emo’s, Antone’s, The Buzz Mill, and Dirty Dog. In addition to more than 100 films, shorts, music videos, and trailers, HHFF also has four days of concerts featuring acts such as Down, GWAR, Pig Destroyer, Hate Eternal, Whitechapel, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Goatwhore, Crowbar, and many, many more.

See below for the newest batch of filthy films to be released upon the world by HHFF:


ART/CRIME (Canada, 2012)
Regional Premiere
Dir. Frédérick Maheux, 104 mins

A documentary about violence, horror, censorship, and legislation on the web. In 2009, Remy Couture, a special effects makeup artist from Quebec, was arrested by the police in front of his home and would be later charged with obscenity and corruption of morality. Montreal’s police was responding to a complaint regarding pictures coming from his website Inner which had been freely circulating on the Web. ART/CRIME discusses violence, fiction, and censorship in movies but also in the loosely regulated environment that the Web still represents. The documentary allows many, like movie director Nacho Cerda, Robert Morin, and Patrick Senechal to present their thoughts on the matter.

World Premiere
Dir. Ryan Nicholson, 90 mins

For college student Josie Kane, it starts as a simple internship — to shadow a group of high-tech land surveyors as they make their first foray into an ancient wilderness. Assisted by grizzled security guard Dale Philip, the crew knows how to handle protesters and saboteurs — but there’s something much, much worse in the woods this time. The local natives say the land is cursed — haunted by a demonic entity older than time. Now people are going missing, turning up dead or worse, and Josie and the crew are about to discover the truth behind the legend. The most alarming horror is the one you never see coming!

Texas Premiere
Dir. Rob Kuhns, 76 mins

In 1968 a young college drop-out and aspiring filmmaker named George A. Romero directed Night of the Living Dead, a low-budget horror film that shocked the world, became an icon of the counterculture, and invented the modern movie zombie, which has spawned legions of films, books, comics, and video games, generating billions of dollars.

Night of the Living Dead is not only internationally recognized as an art film, revered for its groundbreaking treatment of American race relations and allegorical references to the Vietnam war, the film still maintains its cult status as a classic horror masterpiece.

CARRIE (USA, 1976)
Fuckin’ Remakes
Dir. Brian DePalma, 98 mins

A young, abused, and timid 17-year-old girl discovers she has telekinesis and gets pushed to the limit on the night of her school’s prom by a humiliating prank.

Regional Premiere/Heavy Metal Hysteria
Dir. Jeremy Xido, 90 mins

Sonia Ferreira and Wilker Flores live and breathe hardcore rock and roll. They run the Okutiuka orphanage in the war-ravaged city of Huambo, Angola and dream of mounting the first-ever national rock concert. Raucous and righteous, DEATH METAL ANGOLA follows their story, giving audiences a look at a rock show off the grid that is fulfilling, haunting, and real.

World Premiere/Heavy Metal Hysteria
Director, David Hall, 105 mins

Decibel, one of America’s most popular and respected metal magazines, celebrates its 100th Issue with a concert featuring Converge, Pig Destroyer, Tombs, Evoken, and Municipal Waste.

FOUND. (USA, 2012)
Texas Premiere
Dir. Scott Schirmer, 103 mins

For Marty, horror movies are an escape from the troubles of the real world. They help him survive every day life. However, when a horror movie starts to cross into Marty’s real life, things start to get truly frightening. As the terror starts to unfold Marty must quickly learn that sometimes there is no escape and you have to face your fears head on. – Kit Hart (KH)

Bloody Mary Breakfast Screening; Philip’s Grindhouse Selections
Dir. David E. Durston, 83 mins

A band of satanist hippies roll into a town and begin terrorizing the local folk. They rape a local girl and her grandpa goes after them. He fails and is given LSD. This bothers his grandson and he gets back at the hippies by feeding them meat pies infected with blood from a rabid dog. They turn into crazed lunatics and begin killing and/or infecting everything in their path. – Josh Pasnak

Central Texas Premiere
Dir. Don Thacker, 105 mins

Ian Folivor is in a downward spiral. His girlfriend has left him. He refuses to leave his apartment. He can’t muster the courage to talk to the neighbor girl he has a crush on. He can’t even manage to kill himself properly. Enter The Mold. Ian’s refusal to clean his apartment has led to the growth of a slick talking fungus that knows exactly what he needs to turn his life around, and maybe even win over his neighbor. But is this all real or has Ian been trapped in his apartment too long? Is this all for his betterment or does the mold have something else in mind? Ian can make it through this; he just needs a little motivation. – KH

PATRICK (Australia, 1978)
Fuckin’ Remakes!
Dir. Richard Franklin, 96 mins

A comatose hospital patient harasses and kills though his powers of telekinesis to claim his private nurse as his own.

Texas Premiere/Corey’s Crime Scene
Dir. Myles Jewell, 80 mins

In the 1960′s, filmmaker Myles Jewell’s grandfather, Phil DiNatale, worked relentlessly as an investigator on the case of the Boston Strangler. But despite Phil’s meticulous investigative efforts, the case got caught in Boston’s political cross hairs and was never officially solved. Now, fifty years later, Myles plunges headfirst into his grandfather’s immense homemade detective archive to reveal never-before-seen details about the strangler investigation. Part historical film, part personal documentary, and part whodunit, STRANGLEHOLD: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler, tells the story of a beat cop turned famed detective, Phil DiNatale, and the long-lasting effect his investigative legacy had on his family for generations.

Texas Premiere
Dir. Eric Falardeau, 100 mins

A woman wakes up one morning only to discover that her body is starting to decompose. As her flesh rots she starts to isolate herself from the outside world in an attempt at answers. Why is this happening? Is she dying? Already dead? All she knows, is she doesn’t have much time to find out. – KH

Regional Premiere
Dir. Patrick Shearer, 73 mins

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New York has been pummeled by a series of superstorms. Everyone seems to stay inside, fearing that death could strike at any moment. Nobody thinks that death will come from within their own apartment complex, though. After a series of mysterious deaths occur in their building, Daniel and Margot realize that there’s more going on than just the storms outside. Creatures more ancient than mankind are dwelling in their apartment, and if they don’t take matters into their own hands these creepy-crawlies could bring New York to its knees. – KH

They Will Outlive Us All trailer from Jessi Gotta on Vimeo.

World Premiere
Dir. Steve Altman, 77 mins

Three documentary makers are heading home from Burning Man in their RV and decide to pull off into the desert to camp for the night. Things get creepy. With their 5 RV cams running 24/7, we see everything that happens…even things they don’t see.

ZOMBEX (USA, 2013)
World Premiere
Dir. Jesse Dayton, 81 mins

ZOMBEX tells the story of a post-Katrina New Orleans as it deals with a new disaster, a zombie apocalypse. NOLA residents are no longer experiencing the depression and post-traumatic stress due to the trauma of the hurricane, thanks to the revolutionary ZOMBEX – a rogue, yet, “clinically-proven” anti-depressant pharmaceutical manufactured by a nefarious organization. For those who call the Big Easy their home, everything is just now turning around for them. Or, could it just be the drug, ZOMBEX, talking… Just as things are turning around for the city and its people, they once again must face a disaster of epic proportions. Only this time, they’re dealing with the prospect of losing the people of New Orleans as they turn into the city’s walking dead. Featuring horror icons Malcolm McDowell and Sid Haig, and Slayer’s Tom Araya.